The Daily Soaps Gift Box (Coconut, Pomegranate & Deep Cleansing)

The Daily Soaps Gift Box (Coconut, Pomegranate & Deep Cleansing)

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Description of product

A trio of our luxurious collection of handmade clear and cold pressed soaps to cleanse, refresh and soften your skin.

These are all Ayurvedic products with researched and beneficial ingredients.

This gift box contains a total of 3 large 125 gm soaps that last you longer. It is a great gift for all important occasions in life like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal gifts, Valentines, Christmas, Diwali, Mother's Day, Daughter's Day, Woman's Day etc.


  • Coconut & Almond Soap with Milk & Honey (125 gm) - An indulgent bathing bar with intoxicating aroma of coconut, formulated to deeply cleanse without drying while maintaining your skin’s natural protective layer.                                                             
  • Pomegranate & Tamarind Soap (125 gm) - An indulgent bathing bar with fresh fruity fragrance of pomegranate with its anti-oxidant and toning properties, making it a perfect cleansing solution for oily and congested skin.
  • Deep Cleansing Soap with Charcoal, Shea Butter & Wheat Germ Oil (125 gm) - A deep cleansing & detoxifying bar with benefits of activated charcoal & moisturising qualities of shea butter & wheat germ oil to draw impurities & toxins from deep within pores.

The products come in an elegant mint green coloured gift box. It contains foam partitions inside to segregate the products and ensure a safe transit till your doorstep. The soaps come in a beautiful slider box to ensure a you feel great receiving the products- whether for personal use or gifting.


All our products are made in small batches. We're careful of what goes into our products, and understand that only the best ingredients make the finest products. On our labels you can read about the ingredients that go in for each 10 ml/gm that you use. We want you to be sure of what you're using when you're using something everyday! We strive to bring the best of Nature and Ayurveda at your doorstep, handcrafted and boxed with a lot of love!