Description of product

An ayurvedic light, daily use sunscreen lotion to protect the skin from sun damage; along with cucumber, manjistha and mulethi for a protected, hydrated and smooth skin.  

This is an Ayuvedic formulation and contains researched and useful ingredients that benefit your skin.

Skin Type: All skin types
Size: 100 ml



  • Aloe Vera acts as a moisturiser, treats acne, fights ageing and reduces stretch marks.
  • Cucumber provides ample hydration due to its high water content.
  • Manjistha improves complexion & evens out texture.
  • Mulethi helps in fading blemishes & protects against sun induced skin damage.
  • Turmeric removes blemishes & fights pigmentation.
  • Methi moisturises the skin removing all traces of dryness.

The bottle comes with an easy to use pump for quick access to the liquid. No more turning the bottles upside down and squeezing on your palm to take out liquids. Specially packed for online orders, this product comes packed in a nice cylindrical, damage-proof tube packed with a lot of care.

All our products are made in small batches. We're careful of what goes into our products, and understand that only the best ingredients make the finest products. On our labels you can read about the ingredients that go in for each 10 ml/gm that you use. We want you to be sure of what you're using when you're using something everyday! We strive to bring the best of Nature and Ayurveda at your doorstep, handcrafted and boxed with a lot of love!

Shake well before use. Apply a generous amount to skin and massage gently in a circular motion before stepping out in the sun.